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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cops and Robbers

So my adventure for the night (couple nights ago) started out when after finishing Harry Potter six I looked out the window. From the sixth floor on the man tower you can see a good span of the campus. Off in the distance I noticed that in the entire business building there is one window lit up... one. That's the kind of thing you see in a creeper scary movie. So I felt all Nancy Drew like and wanted to get people to go with me to investigate but they reminded me of what usually happened to the girl who goes towards the mysterious window...she dies. So I didn't go. But it's ok everything thing works out just keep reading :).

After getting back I wanted to show Abbie my outfit for April fools day coming up. I was dressed up in baggy sweats and superman boxers, shirt, and cap. While strutting my ensemble around in the lounge I heard the hall door open followed by men's voices (not to be confused with boys). Then someone said "It's the cops coming" and I freak and grab a blanket to cover up my odd outfit. After a few looks from the cops, I realized that they were more confused by my reasons for hiding under a blanket and decided that it would be best to just lose the blanket. Once off I decided to further explain my appearance. I used my shnazzy sense of humor to make them laugh as I explained that I was dressing as a boy for April fools. Then I tried my man walk- it failed miserably.

One thing you should know about the cops on campus is that they are SUPER friendly. After a good amount of questioning I came to find out that Officer Kent Harris ( or as I call him superman) is in my Sociology class!! Of course Abbie just had to let it slip that I tend to skip class... dang it. So he teased that if I didn't come to class he would call me out to the teacher. So I went. And received a junior police officer sticker on my door.

Oh and to finish the story about the random light- it was some guy's office where he never turns his light off. Go figure.

Our boy outfits minus the hair tucked up.
My junior police officer sticker from Superman!

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