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Monday, April 18, 2011

Put your hand over your heart

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege to perform with my institute choir in the Legacy rest home. I knew that this experience would be a good one, but I had no idea what I was getting into. We first met at the church to divide and conquer (we actually split the choir and went to two rest homes). When I found out I was in the smaller choir going the further distance, I was honestly tempted, and almost did, switch groups. I wanted to be with more people and I had been to Legacy before. I decided to stay with the group I had been given. Oh heavens I'm so grateful that I did.

When we got there I was slightly discouraged by the audience number. There were probably twenty individuals tops to sing to. I decided it didn't matter because these twenty individuals were just as important. When we started to sing I put my all into it just like Bro Hopkins told us to. I smiled, winked, swayed, anything to get the audience to smile. Not everyone around me felt brave enough (choir mentality is to look at the choir director, no where else, and don't move). We did some fun pieces like, "My Guy", "Ma", "Down by the Riverside", etc. Once piece we did was a patriotic themed song called "Put Your Hand Over Your Heart." Before we performed this piece my choir director asked if anyone in the audience were veterans. One lady raised her hand and said that she had been a nurse in the Air force. Another man said he had been in the Navy, and one other man said he had been in the Army.

When we started singing I instantly felt the spirit. I could just feel a connection to these people. When we hit the most powerful high chord " Face that star spangled banner", The man from the Navy just started bawling. I lost it after that and just cried and cried and kept on singing but cried. Everyone started crying audience and performers. It was so amazing. We finished the rest of the program on a much higher note, but I didn't forget it. After we finished singing I went and talked to the people in the audience. I talked to the man from the Navy that was my favorite. I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "So I hear you were part of the Navy." He said, "Yes I was." I looked him in the eyes with sincerity and said," Thank you so much for your service." He cried and said, "It was nice to be of service." It's amazing how music can impact people.

The second half of my choir experience was memorable in its own way. First of all there was free breakfast which is always great, and second there were great people, and third there were fun games!! I got to be tangled in a knot with some pretty funny, awesome people. One boy in particular made me smile the most. I felt so comfortable and accepted around him. I was my normal giddy self and he just found me hilarious. I'm so glad that I was able to get to know him better because it honestly made my whole week! I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get butterflies when he smiled at me. When he took me home I got nervous so I didn't get his number but no worries, He'll be in my choir class for the rest of the semester :)
 Playing the human knot with some friends!

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