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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My long due return!

As you might have noticed, I haven't blogged for quite a while. One word will sum up my defense: Boyfriend :). Yes it's finally happened the miracle of all miracles I snatched the most amazing boy on the planet. I couldn't ask for more. :) Well after a summer full of romance I'm now in college up at Utah State University!! Go AGGIES!! It's a good thing I look good in blue. I've been mostly tucked away in my dorm with homework but have also been on some awesome adventures. The sculpture picture scavenger hunt was quite fun. Just this past weekend Brennan came up to visit!! We went and did baptisms for the dead in the Logan temple ( both our first times there) and then went to Angie's cafe where I got the salmon and he got the chicken cordon bleu (which I both highly recommend) and split a peanut butter cup shake. It was so nice to have him up here I'm so lucky to have him ahh the world would be perfect if only he were here in logan too. The scenery is absolutely to die for and hiking the wind caves you see a spectacular view from the inside of a cave!! Well that's all I got :) keep it safe.
lovely view of the logan temple

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Dreams:

I've decided to write a list of things I fantasize,dream, wish, hope, plan to come true this or any summer:

    Burnt Sunrise Button
  • Have a spontaneous kiss in the rain.
  • Watch the sunset from a high vantage point.
  • Lay in the middle of the road and watch the street lights change.
  • Swim in a natural body of water I've never been to.
  • Star-gaze with people I love.
  • Go to a national park.
  • Go to some hot springs.
  • Go horse-back riding.
  • Put together a photo album.
  • Go dancing with the girls.
  • Get all dressed and have a night on the town.
  • Go to a ball.
  • Read many, many books.
  • Perfect a song I can sing to on the piano.
  • Go to new temples I've never been to.
  • Go on a road-trip with friends.
  • Watch the sun-rise from a high vantage point.
  • Spend a night doing random and spontaneous things I love but have never dared do.
  • Go swing-dancing.
  • Receive flowers in person from a boy (not including roses).
  • Discover hands on my favorite flower.
  • Make a play-list of all the songs I love and have danced to this season.
  • Meet fun new people and share fun adventures together.
  • Embrace every day by doing something worth-while.
  • Write a bucket-list and complete it with my friends.
  • Get tons and tons of slushies and snow cones :).
  • Sleep under the stars.
  • Take lots of pictures to make up for the times I didn't.
  • Think of many more things to put to this list :).

New definition of a Night Owl

Wow. So basically.....I have insomnia. Yep I do. So guess what time it is? Four in the morning :). It took till five or sixish last night to fall asleep. I took one of my dad's PRESCRIPTION sleep pills, had been worried I might become dependent but to my relief I'm not....because they didn't even work!! I seriously have the strongest immunity to pills I've ever encountered. My mom gave me half a lortab to help with some pain: Nothing. When they gave me stitches in my head I got two shots in the itty bitty cut (which one should have done the trick) and I could still feel everything!! Blasted body stop being so stubborn! ..I wonder where it gets it from.. haha beats me. Anyways carry on with your days. Just thought you might like to know that insomnia exists and I'm your little test rat :) I'll be here all day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Archery,Noodles, and Alice

      Well tonight was a successfully fun and entertaining night!! haha. It started out after I finished my workout and got my protein smoothie. I went to Eric Awesome Alsop's summer party!! Love that boy haha. It started out very laid back but fun. If you have ever been in Eric's back yard you would know that it's impossible to get bored. I found my first bit of entertainment with Eric's Airplane. Jessie Mcfarland and I flew to Mexico with my pilot skills. I can't tell you what I did at the border. We had a nice view of Eric shooting his arrows. He's quite skilled..almost too he could be hiding a secret identity..? Eh probably not. 
       So I never really grew up haha. I know, I know I just graduated but that's no excuse! Which is why I had so much fun with four and a half year old Brooklyn!! We had a swinging competition-she totally could have beat my if my legs weren't twice as long as hers; unfair advantage on my part so we'll call it a draw. The two of us then decided that the zip-line might be of entertainment!-it was. Thanks Eric and Adam for pushing us two girls! Me on the bottom and Brooklyn on my lap! Yep we swung down it very awesomely. I'm glad she was there cause she totally made my night. 
      Fruit basket noodle style is a game I have never played before but it's fun!! We all came up with Disney character names and then the person in the middle would try to attack us with a noodle. What saved us would be when we shouted out someone else's Disney name. Yeah I wasn't too good at that game. Possibly cause I was texting..but it was still lots of fun!! I enjoyed some delicious s'mores with chocolate pieces. Never seen those before but still yummy!! I tried to get everyone else to sing Kumbyah with me dice. 
      This summer night finishes off when I make it to Brittany's to watch Alice and Wonderland on a huge blow up screen outside with blankets! My first time seeing it I loved it! Haha "I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet." Thanks to Andrew for putting up with my never-ending sitting/laying positions cause I couldn't get comfortable. The stars were very bright, I even saw a shooting star! Last year we did the movie screen Riley was he's on a mission..weird. Well anyways that wraps up tonight just about. Aside from a good hug from Brit and Daniel and a ride home from Ally. :)

Avatar and Muse the adventure begins!

        Well I it's no hidden secret I love my cousin Alex :) everytime I'm with her I laugh my pants off! One of these days I'm going to split my cheeks open from smiling too much and have scars like the joker!! So our adventure begins when we attempt to upload pictures on Alex's computer of her dad's wedding. Really her ambition is to snatch the adorable pictures taken(yours truly) of her and Graydee her extremely handsome and cute bubba baby!! :) love him. So this should be easy right?? haha oh wait no cause it's Chandice and Alex and we always have struggles lol. Alex puts my memory card in her computer but it doesn't read and is almost disapeared inside her computer cause it's too small. So of course she shoves it in farther which doesn't work. Luckily she gets it out. UNluckily she gets it stuck in her mom's computer hahaahahha. Atleast it read on her computer that's something. 
      So after we uploaded those pics and pics of us from my birthday to my facebook, we realize we're hungry. You know what that means....ZUPAS!!!! whooo hooo!! I loves me my Zupas. I got the Nuts about Berries salad which I highly suggest and the lobster bisque soup which was also good. Alex got the cheesiest soup I have ever seen and a yummy barbeque salad! We loved our chocolate covered strawberries hehehe. It's a good thing that the people are chill at Zupas cause we were cracking up like a couple of crazy aunties with cats lol. We were just waiting for the boot. I couldn't help but think I was funny when Alex is like I've been to McDonalds like every morning..but I get parfaits!! That's when I said ...super size me fool!!! Take that you can totally eat there and not blow up like a ...just have to not eat their dinner menu hahahaha. Or the Mcgriddle. That's a heart-attack in cake form. 
         So after tons of laughs and food we decide we want photo-booth pictures! So on the freeway we go to K-mart in Orem. Alas!! They have taken out the photo-booth!! NOOOO :( now I'll never be in one with Alex. I was this close to being cool. So we drove back all for nothing. Good thing we can handle disapointment. Jossalyn who's..four? She would have been on the floor freaking out as if  she had both legs torn off at the same time..ew. haha. Well that's the end of this adventure! Stay tuned for next episode :).

Bride + Groom = Wedding!!

     Well I'm happy to announce that my uncle Chris has now successfully tied the knot to Brittany!! They had a beautiful backyard ceremony. The colors were bright and summery which I loved!! I caught up with my family like my great uncle Ray who I haven't seen since I was uber little!! Such a nice man :). Grandpa Clark and I took pictures together and had lots of fun!! I enjoyed the food (who doesn't) all of my beautiful bridesmaid cousins (Basia,Alex,A.J.) looked great in their hot pink dresses haha work it!! lol great times

Sunday, May 30, 2010

" I'll Never be the same"

      Well today was Riley's farewell!! I woke up late..but the earliest in days at 9:30 ish. I had an hour before we had to leave to drive up to Riverton!! I curled my hair and got ready..but we had a late start and I was worried we would be late. Luckily we were on time for the passing of the sacrament where Riley gave a really good blessing. His talk was very good! I was so proud of him! He made it light enough to stay amused and follow, but still gave a great message of strength and endurance through trials. It was just what the doctor asked for :)
    His cousin Parker was there as well! He's my age and really fun. I rode with him to Riley's house, thank goodness cause it was my first time up there! Watching Parker attempt to parallel park was great entertainment! haha. The food was splendid! I was full off chicken salad and croissant sandwiches, veges,fruits, and homemade root beer!! mmmmm :) 
   I met Parker's sister Brittany who is super cute and fun! I also talked to Riley's grandpa who I got a kick out of! He just started telling me stories as if he knew me for years. He also commented on how gorgeous my hair is, how gorgeous I am, and how boys wouldn't be able to pass me up! Man I was blushing lol. Riley has some really nice parents. His mom says she swears by betty crocker brownie mix since the batch that I made ( somehow they hit off big with them lol) was so delicious. His dad was really friendly as well. I'm glad my mother and sister were there to support me as well. 
   I have now said my last goodbyes to Riley :(. He has been a really good friend to me. He basically co-hosted my birthday party last minute when everyone else bailed. I have had really great times with him like: canyon drives,movies, parties,sledding,snowflakes,dances,efy and more! Thanks so much Riley for the years you have been my friend :) You better write me!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Graduation jitters!!

Wow k so today is the big day!! I'm really nervous how it will turn out. I had lunch with Kaitlyn Livingston and Eric Alsop at Cafe good!! Mmmm Something about dragon fire grilled chicken and house sauce just sets the day off right!
          We have looked at flower stores but no luck finding a lei. I didn't even know people did that until recently. Good thing I had happy hour lemonade to make it all better. It seems as though Charlene is going to graduation for the friend benefit more than to support me. Maybe I'm just self-centered, I would ask her but she's at Arby's with her friends.
         I'm really enjoying this whole gift thing! I have received many cards and gifts to congratulate me on my success for graduating! Hopefully my absences wont count against me.
        I'm just starting my makeup! Oh I can't wait to go to graduate!!! Yay finally! It's so surreal though; I don't even feel like it's really happening. I've waited my entire life for this moment, it's just too my to comprehend. I'm hoping since I have no choice to put mascara on ( gold eye lashes) I won't cry too much...
       So I gave in. I bought a ticket to boondocks! It will be my first time, wish me luck. Party all night whooohoooo!! K well I should be getting ready now.... WISH ME LUCK!!!! :) :)

The best gifts come wrapped in barbed wire

Hey everyone!! So I'm really excited to try this blogging thing! It's always seemed really here it goes!

A little while ago in English we had to write a "This I believe" essay. This I believe is a webpage that people of all ages write to. The essays are short and sweet and consist of a belief that a person has discovered. The beliefs are not necessarily religious, but can be.
So the belief I chose to write about was entitled: The best gifts come wrapped in barbed wire. This may sound odd, but let me explain. You know the saying," You don't know what you have until it's gone?"- That's sort of it. Another quote I like sums it up pretty well also, " The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph." One thing that I have learned from life is that everything happens for a reason (a greater good to fulfill). When we suffer for ,from, or through something the source of relief is blissfully sweet. Take Utah weather for example: The longer we suffer through cloudy skies, the more we rejoice in sunny days.
So what can you take from this? It's worth the fight! Every moment of climbing and sliding down the rocky mountain is one step closer to the top; and oh can I tell you the view is breathtaking! :)