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Bucket list

1. Study abroad/teach in another country/ Mission
2. Watch the sunrise from a high vantage point.
3. Visit as many new temples as I can.
4. Completely finish and record one of my songs.
5. Watch the street lights change just like in the Notebook.
6. Make a photo album for all of my pictures.
7. Receive flowers in person from a boy aside from roses.
8. Go camping as much as I can.
9. Learn how to be a good cook.
10. Finish home decor projects on my own.
11. Learn that most commonly stated virtue..patience.
12. Find more ways to help others.
13. Join clubs at college outside of institute.
14. Visit at least one national park in Utah-preferably Zions.
15. Make more fun videos with friends. √
16. Get married in the Salt Lake Temple.
17. Make school work my priority instead of my social life.
18. Keep up my journal for longer than a month.
19. Put myself on a normal person sleep schedule.
20. Finish my dream book with Sadie Johnson.
21. Make it a habit of reading and praying every morning and night.
22. Have a total vintage 20th century photo shoot. 
23. Read Mere Christianity and other inspiring books.
24. Go to Wyoming (in July) at 3:00 in the morning and star gaze
25. Take a trip to Ireland
26. Visit Italy
28. View the Aurora Borealis in person
29.  Learn sign language
30.  Visit the East coast
31. Have a Butterfly Land on my hand
32. Have my picture taken next to the C in California Adventure.
33. Go to a live concert for one of my favorite bands.