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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every time I see someone happy together with their "other half," I don't feel jealous anymore. I'm excited; excited for my mission. I can't wait to take the next milestone step of my life preparing myself for an eternal companion. The best way to prepare for the spouse you desire is by being the person they deserve. Serving the Lord will not only be wonderful for the sheer joy of sharing the Gospel, but I will be preparing myself for the rest of my life. The last multiple milestones for me happened in a blur of just a couple months: graduation, first love, college, first true heartbreak. Everything after that really never amounted to the span of time between May-Octoboer 2010. I'm ready for my next milestone :). I'm ready for that milestone that will prepare me for eternal happiness :). I can't wait :).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm a Soph-ior

Yep I'm barely under the credits of a Junior so I'm a sophomore. But it's my third year and I'm less social than my sophomore year..(kind of) so I'm a Sophior.

And here's what this Sophior has been up to:

I've spent way too much time and calories at a wonderful Italian ice and custard place called Zeppes.

I dropped my math class. And it was the smart decision.
I'm now taking 3 PE classes(Big band swing, Celtic dance, and Pilates). Hopefully I'll burn off some of that wonderful Zeppes.

If you are ever in Logan you MUST I repeat must go to 2nd Damm in the wee-ish hours of the night.
There are campfires all around, guitar serenades that put Kumbuya to shame, a rope swing into the damm, and a boardwalk that reflects the moon and starlight. Yes you can even see the milky way.

Oh also you get to watch silly fools set themselves on fire.

So there's one last thing that has been a pretty awesome shining moment in my life..
Ute fans please dish up your humble pie....

WE BEAT THE UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you wonder why you aren't an Aggie.