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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 15- Anamalia

If I were an animal....
I would be...
Does a mermaid count?
If it does I would be one.
You see, I've been swimming
since I was six months old.
Yep six months.
I was even in a Finnish documentary.

I started swim lessons at the top level,
and then went on to do swim team for a
couple years.
*side note*
You know that Dove commercial that says,
" This many girls will quit gymnastics,
dance, swim because they are insecure 
about their image."? That was me. 
So don't quit what you love because of 
how you think others perceive you.
*end side note*

 During swim I had this necklace.
It was in the shape of a dolphin.
If I touched it three times, 
Then I was a mermaid.

With my red hair,
Blue eyes,
Fair skin,
love of swimming
and singing,
and space case brain,
I'm convinced I'm Ariel.

All in all,
I'd be a mermaid.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Did you ever wish you were a princess? When you were a child, did you ever watch Cinderella and think, "Oh what would I give to be her!"?

It's now, in my life, that I understand what Cinderella really had to go through before she got her happy ending. Feeling completely misunderstood, looked over, and unequal treatment is something that I can relate to.

I would give anything to not feel like Cinderella. It is harder than I ever imagined to have those that are closest to you make you feel so terrible. Now I don't have it as bad as she did, and I don't have it the worst.

 It's just that I learned that you should never wish you were someone else, or wish you had their life; because you never know what they are really going through.

I would give anything to not be Cinderella.

Day 14: five strengths

It's funny, because the day that I wrote my weaknesses, I felt strong. Today, when I'm writing my strengths, I feel very weak. Nevertheless, I will tell you that I still have strengths, and I will list them for you visual pleasure.

1. Empathy
2. Fast learner
3. Charismatic
4. Teachable
5. I Care

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 13: Five weaknesses

  This past semester, Elder Holland, from the quorum of the twelve of apostles in the Church of Latter Day Saints, came and did a fireside in the spectrum up at Utah State. This fireside was on one of our Prophets Joseph Smith(for more on him either visit my I believe tab or this website:). I have learned about him my entire life, but one thing I never learned, was his weaknesses. Elder Holland brought up two of his "weaknesses". These struck a chord with me that penetrated right to the very core of my being. Holland said Joseph was a pushover, always trying to make others happy. He also trusted people too quickly and was burned for it time and time again. These are two of my biggest "weaknesses". Holland went on to say that these "weaknesses" were not weaknesses at all, but strengths. It caused him to be able to love and serve those around him. It helped him to forgive and see the good in people. It caused the conversion of many souls.

What I realized after hearing this eye opening message, is that God really does show us our weaknesses but through him he will make them our strengths. Ether 12:27

I will now do the required list of five weaknesses, knowing that through my Heavenly Father, I can make them all my strengths.

1. Low motivation.
2. Easily Distracted.
3. Sensitive.
4. Worrisome.
5. Afraid of change.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 12: a typical day

Wake up around ten.
Read a book.
Go downstairs and watch some tv with mom.
Go to work.
Play with Sadie/go home and rest.
Take a hot bath with chamomile
while listening to celtic music.
Watch a show on hulu in bed.
Read scriptures & pray.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 11: ten pet peeves

I should have posted this before my cheery blog post, but as much as I don't feel like being a downer, I'll follow the challenge and give you my list of 10 pet peeves (which took weeks to come up with).

1.  Chewing with your mouth open.
2. Insincerity.
3. When people take my seat.
4. People who give dirty looks.
5. Self Centered people.
6. Manipulation.
7. Doors/drawers/cabinets left open.
8. When people are too busy drowning to realize the water's only knee deep.
9.  My metabolism(or lack there of).
10. Being ignored.

The little things

For all those readers out there who missed me,
I'm baaaaaaaack!!!
I'm sure you are leaping for joy in your living rooms ;).
Well there's not really any easy way to recap a
20th birthday, a move out/back home/ finals yadda yadda,
So I'll just leave you with some of the little things
in the midst of big things that have made me happy

-The Logan Temple.
-Lilacs and how their smell carries on the spring breeze.
-Nail Polish.
-Angels(in the form of friends).
-Lack of extreme culture shock.
-Finishing the school year.
-Working again.
-Waking up in my room.
- Grass.
- Books.
-Letters(one left!).
- Baths.

When I have my own place, I'll have lavender bushes. :)