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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 15- Anamalia

If I were an animal....
I would be...
Does a mermaid count?
If it does I would be one.
You see, I've been swimming
since I was six months old.
Yep six months.
I was even in a Finnish documentary.

I started swim lessons at the top level,
and then went on to do swim team for a
couple years.
*side note*
You know that Dove commercial that says,
" This many girls will quit gymnastics,
dance, swim because they are insecure 
about their image."? That was me. 
So don't quit what you love because of 
how you think others perceive you.
*end side note*

 During swim I had this necklace.
It was in the shape of a dolphin.
If I touched it three times, 
Then I was a mermaid.

With my red hair,
Blue eyes,
Fair skin,
love of swimming
and singing,
and space case brain,
I'm convinced I'm Ariel.

All in all,
I'd be a mermaid.

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