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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The little things

For all those readers out there who missed me,
I'm baaaaaaaack!!!
I'm sure you are leaping for joy in your living rooms ;).
Well there's not really any easy way to recap a
20th birthday, a move out/back home/ finals yadda yadda,
So I'll just leave you with some of the little things
in the midst of big things that have made me happy

-The Logan Temple.
-Lilacs and how their smell carries on the spring breeze.
-Nail Polish.
-Angels(in the form of friends).
-Lack of extreme culture shock.
-Finishing the school year.
-Working again.
-Waking up in my room.
- Grass.
- Books.
-Letters(one left!).
- Baths.

When I have my own place, I'll have lavender bushes. :)

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