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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 13: Five weaknesses

  This past semester, Elder Holland, from the quorum of the twelve of apostles in the Church of Latter Day Saints, came and did a fireside in the spectrum up at Utah State. This fireside was on one of our Prophets Joseph Smith(for more on him either visit my I believe tab or this website:). I have learned about him my entire life, but one thing I never learned, was his weaknesses. Elder Holland brought up two of his "weaknesses". These struck a chord with me that penetrated right to the very core of my being. Holland said Joseph was a pushover, always trying to make others happy. He also trusted people too quickly and was burned for it time and time again. These are two of my biggest "weaknesses". Holland went on to say that these "weaknesses" were not weaknesses at all, but strengths. It caused him to be able to love and serve those around him. It helped him to forgive and see the good in people. It caused the conversion of many souls.

What I realized after hearing this eye opening message, is that God really does show us our weaknesses but through him he will make them our strengths. Ether 12:27

I will now do the required list of five weaknesses, knowing that through my Heavenly Father, I can make them all my strengths.

1. Low motivation.
2. Easily Distracted.
3. Sensitive.
4. Worrisome.
5. Afraid of change.

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