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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Me? A composer??

So anyone who plays the piano (or any instrument for that matter) can relate when I say that playing the piano is therapy. It's channeling your feelings from the inside to out without having to utter a word. I'm not much of a pianist, but I'm teaching myself. Lately instead of playing the notes on the page, I've let my hands take over. I feel that true expression has finally become part of my playing. I never remember any of the notes, but every time I play I discover something new.

 I've had an idea for a song. I have written lyrics before, but this time I want to go the whole nine yards and actually compose the music too. The pressure of making it just how I want has kept the song on the tip of my tongue, but I know what I want to call it- "Hard Things". It will express what I wrote in my last blog post, but in a much better way. I think that this will be the thing that pushes me forward. I've already began to step..I just need a push.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


So I've been reflecting on my blog lately and I noticed something very important; I've forgotten the reason I named my blog "My life: One blessing at a time." My very first post stated it perfectly- The best blessings come wrapped in barbed wire. Heavenly Father loves us so much that sometimes he blesses us with trials. When they are laid out before us it's hard to see they're for our good. All we see is the sharp prickly barbed wire outside but once we are strong enough and brave enough to open them, we find the precious lesson/experience we could have never had without it. It may take a while for me to understand why these current trials are hitting me and my family so strongly, but hey I love the rain, might as well dance :).
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to Dance in the Rain

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Small and simple means..:)

There have been so many things lately that have made me smile, some of them little and others kind of big.
- Joy, Abbie and I getting ice cream, watching leap year, making a fun music video to celebrate my b-day.
- Going to the institute luau/dance.
- Making new friends at the dance who can't get enough of me and my dance moves.
- People amazed that I am a freshman because of how out going I am.
- Having a boy from the dance get my number and invite me to country dancing.
- Meeting a boy at country dancing with amazing dance skills ask for my number.
- Getting ice cream cones with country dance friends and doing the thriller in the cemetery.
- Getting a late night text from my sis wishing me happy birthday.
- Getting silly poems for my birthday from a boy.
- Having the cute boy from country dancing (the day before) come to my bday party.
- Receiving personalized e-cards and cards from friends.
- Having quality good byes from friends.
- Receiving a wonderful letter from a good friend.
- Hugging my dad after being gone from home for a while.
- Getting an opportunity to go to Idaho for 3 weeks (starting monday).
- Receiving help from friends moving.
- Having a great b-day party.
- Receiving unexpected texts.
- Playing glow in the dark  ultimate frisbee with fun new people.
- Spending the night with my favorite cousin.
- Meeting up with an old friend who bought me the awesomest pair of 1$ sunglasses ever!

That's my life, one blessing at a time :).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby you're a firework!

So...There's this boy. His name is Brock. You might remember him if you check out my "put your hand over your heart" post. So...I asked him on a date!

Now normally this wouldn't be a big deal for me. Asking boys on dates never phases me; except this one. I had to cross from the chapel area to the podium area where he was playing the piano. I couldn't do it I got close and then turned around. Thankfully my friend Brett knew what I was doing and gave me an encouraging gesture to go up there. So I asked him. And he said yes. Phase one complete.

Phase two would be the planning. Originally it was only going to be me and him watching bands play at aggiefest. The day before my friend at dinner noticed I was quiet-reason being that I was stressed at the lack of plans and people involved. When I explained this concern to her she offered help for ideas. This ended up turning into her asking a boy she had liked to join us the night before. We got our other friend and her bf to join us and voila-triple date! We made plans and I finally started to get excited. Phase two complete.

So now for the most important phase of all... THE DATE!!! I was very excited/nervous/twitterpated beforehand. It helped that we all went to the store together to get food, check out games, and make the cheesecake. I picked up Brock from his dorm in Merrill Hall (where I'll be living next year). After wards we walked to the quad where we were supposed to meet everyone else. We walked around for a while, he climbed a tree, and then decided to call everyone else. We then proceeded to the street concert to check out some of the bands; nothing too exciting. I then look at the fieldhouse (on campus rec center) and point to the scaling ivy surrounding a second story window. I say, "This would be the perfect place to reenact the balcony scene for Romeo and Juliet." As I say this I run towards it only to slide three feet, fly in the air, slide and fall on my butt (there's the tracks in the mud to prove it). What a great way to start the date right? Falling on your butt and getting muddy.

When we get to the towers he helped me grab all my stuff from my room to make a blanket fort! The fort was a success and we played taboo boys against girls. It was so fun. Brock and I kept trying to distract each other by tickling, talking pushing, etc. I kept saying words you can't say...I think he got a kick out of that. Then we ate. Dinner was great. I got to know him really well. I told him that I had been swimming since I was 18 months and was in a Swiss documentary. He didn't believe me, so I called my mom and they talked lol. I was slightly off I was actually 6 months and it was a Finnish documentary.

 After dinner, it was time to hit the street concert for SEAN KINGSTON!! On the way there I linked on to his arm. We did hopscotch still linked together. It was great :). Next thing you know we are holding hands.....EEK :). I spin him around the tree and he spins me around the pole. We dance still hand in hand. Then we get close enough to get pictures of Sean Kingston. When we find the group we dance some more. Guys he can JERK!! And when he jerks he smiles and it's sooo cute!!. The whole time we danced the only place he would look was at me. Sometimes we would look at eachother for elongated periods of time until my butterflies built up to much and I had to look away.

Then out of no where fireworks start shooting up from the field behind us. We turn and our hands find eachother and intertwine. Then I put my head on his shoulder and can't stop smiling :). We danced a little longer and then headed back to the towers holding hands still :).

We had to put away the fort before going to the antics. While waiting for the others to come up he played the piano. He's amazing. Then he had me play even though I seriously am terrible. When I started singing along he switched sides so he could watch me sing. He told me I was really good which coming from him made me feel great. Then we waited on the couch where we sat real close and comfy ;-).

The Antics are a comedy improv group a lot like what you see on who's line is it anyway. It was lots of fun and quite hilarious. "Godzilla didn't wear no pants so why should I wear pants?" "Godzilla had scales." "So do I the doctor says it's 100% original!" Afterwords we were in the car and it was cold so I told him to sit close and grabbed his arm. Then he said, "Here this will be better." and put his arm around me :). Then I took him home and Phase 3 and the best date in my college history is complete.