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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Small and simple means..:)

There have been so many things lately that have made me smile, some of them little and others kind of big.
- Joy, Abbie and I getting ice cream, watching leap year, making a fun music video to celebrate my b-day.
- Going to the institute luau/dance.
- Making new friends at the dance who can't get enough of me and my dance moves.
- People amazed that I am a freshman because of how out going I am.
- Having a boy from the dance get my number and invite me to country dancing.
- Meeting a boy at country dancing with amazing dance skills ask for my number.
- Getting ice cream cones with country dance friends and doing the thriller in the cemetery.
- Getting a late night text from my sis wishing me happy birthday.
- Getting silly poems for my birthday from a boy.
- Having the cute boy from country dancing (the day before) come to my bday party.
- Receiving personalized e-cards and cards from friends.
- Having quality good byes from friends.
- Receiving a wonderful letter from a good friend.
- Hugging my dad after being gone from home for a while.
- Getting an opportunity to go to Idaho for 3 weeks (starting monday).
- Receiving help from friends moving.
- Having a great b-day party.
- Receiving unexpected texts.
- Playing glow in the dark  ultimate frisbee with fun new people.
- Spending the night with my favorite cousin.
- Meeting up with an old friend who bought me the awesomest pair of 1$ sunglasses ever!

That's my life, one blessing at a time :).

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