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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Archery,Noodles, and Alice

      Well tonight was a successfully fun and entertaining night!! haha. It started out after I finished my workout and got my protein smoothie. I went to Eric Awesome Alsop's summer party!! Love that boy haha. It started out very laid back but fun. If you have ever been in Eric's back yard you would know that it's impossible to get bored. I found my first bit of entertainment with Eric's Airplane. Jessie Mcfarland and I flew to Mexico with my pilot skills. I can't tell you what I did at the border. We had a nice view of Eric shooting his arrows. He's quite skilled..almost too he could be hiding a secret identity..? Eh probably not. 
       So I never really grew up haha. I know, I know I just graduated but that's no excuse! Which is why I had so much fun with four and a half year old Brooklyn!! We had a swinging competition-she totally could have beat my if my legs weren't twice as long as hers; unfair advantage on my part so we'll call it a draw. The two of us then decided that the zip-line might be of entertainment!-it was. Thanks Eric and Adam for pushing us two girls! Me on the bottom and Brooklyn on my lap! Yep we swung down it very awesomely. I'm glad she was there cause she totally made my night. 
      Fruit basket noodle style is a game I have never played before but it's fun!! We all came up with Disney character names and then the person in the middle would try to attack us with a noodle. What saved us would be when we shouted out someone else's Disney name. Yeah I wasn't too good at that game. Possibly cause I was texting..but it was still lots of fun!! I enjoyed some delicious s'mores with chocolate pieces. Never seen those before but still yummy!! I tried to get everyone else to sing Kumbyah with me dice. 
      This summer night finishes off when I make it to Brittany's to watch Alice and Wonderland on a huge blow up screen outside with blankets! My first time seeing it I loved it! Haha "I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet." Thanks to Andrew for putting up with my never-ending sitting/laying positions cause I couldn't get comfortable. The stars were very bright, I even saw a shooting star! Last year we did the movie screen Riley was he's on a mission..weird. Well anyways that wraps up tonight just about. Aside from a good hug from Brit and Daniel and a ride home from Ally. :)

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