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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New definition of a Night Owl

Wow. So basically.....I have insomnia. Yep I do. So guess what time it is? Four in the morning :). It took till five or sixish last night to fall asleep. I took one of my dad's PRESCRIPTION sleep pills, had been worried I might become dependent but to my relief I'm not....because they didn't even work!! I seriously have the strongest immunity to pills I've ever encountered. My mom gave me half a lortab to help with some pain: Nothing. When they gave me stitches in my head I got two shots in the itty bitty cut (which one should have done the trick) and I could still feel everything!! Blasted body stop being so stubborn! ..I wonder where it gets it from.. haha beats me. Anyways carry on with your days. Just thought you might like to know that insomnia exists and I'm your little test rat :) I'll be here all day.

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