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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Avatar and Muse the adventure begins!

        Well I it's no hidden secret I love my cousin Alex :) everytime I'm with her I laugh my pants off! One of these days I'm going to split my cheeks open from smiling too much and have scars like the joker!! So our adventure begins when we attempt to upload pictures on Alex's computer of her dad's wedding. Really her ambition is to snatch the adorable pictures taken(yours truly) of her and Graydee her extremely handsome and cute bubba baby!! :) love him. So this should be easy right?? haha oh wait no cause it's Chandice and Alex and we always have struggles lol. Alex puts my memory card in her computer but it doesn't read and is almost disapeared inside her computer cause it's too small. So of course she shoves it in farther which doesn't work. Luckily she gets it out. UNluckily she gets it stuck in her mom's computer hahaahahha. Atleast it read on her computer that's something. 
      So after we uploaded those pics and pics of us from my birthday to my facebook, we realize we're hungry. You know what that means....ZUPAS!!!! whooo hooo!! I loves me my Zupas. I got the Nuts about Berries salad which I highly suggest and the lobster bisque soup which was also good. Alex got the cheesiest soup I have ever seen and a yummy barbeque salad! We loved our chocolate covered strawberries hehehe. It's a good thing that the people are chill at Zupas cause we were cracking up like a couple of crazy aunties with cats lol. We were just waiting for the boot. I couldn't help but think I was funny when Alex is like I've been to McDonalds like every morning..but I get parfaits!! That's when I said ...super size me fool!!! Take that you can totally eat there and not blow up like a ...just have to not eat their dinner menu hahahaha. Or the Mcgriddle. That's a heart-attack in cake form. 
         So after tons of laughs and food we decide we want photo-booth pictures! So on the freeway we go to K-mart in Orem. Alas!! They have taken out the photo-booth!! NOOOO :( now I'll never be in one with Alex. I was this close to being cool. So we drove back all for nothing. Good thing we can handle disapointment. Jossalyn who's..four? She would have been on the floor freaking out as if  she had both legs torn off at the same time..ew. haha. Well that's the end of this adventure! Stay tuned for next episode :).

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