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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I just want your extra time and your.....KISS!!

        Today's been a pretty funny day for me. Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself because I'm kind of silly. As I was walking by the loop where all the busses come in by Old Main the bus driver honked his foghorn horn and the next thing I knew I was two feet in the air and trying to figure out where the HOOOONK was coming from. I turned seriously stirred to see the bus driver was just trying to say hi to someone within shouting distance. Before I knew what I was saying I found myself saying in the bus driver's direction, "It's a good thing I have a good heart!" oops. haha good thing the bus driver didn't hear.
      At the stake talent show I sat with my friends on the second row. There was one seat next to me that just happened to be occupied by creeps anonymous's president. I could tell he was off so I did my best not to turn my head but out of the corner of my eye I could see him stare at me for elongated periods of time. Now I'm not talking staring at me with his eyes, I mean his entire head was facing me with a blank but fancied gaze. One time I took a risk and looked over. I couldn't look more than a second because he looked way too excited to see me look his way. During one act I could see through my peripherals him dancing to we are men. As the talent show went on the Three Amigo act sang my little buttercup. I got a different version from Mr. creep. He serenaded me with"My Little Muffin." I hid my face in my jacket as I turned my head and laughed in the lap my friend sitting next to me.But wait it gets better.
       During the middle of the show Mr. creep suddenly disappeared. I didn't really question it until part way through the last act when Mr. Creep took his skills to the stage. He sang in a most horrendous falsetto voice Prince's "Kiss"!!! He stood there making weird gestures/ dance moves "singing" in his high voice "I just want your extra time and your...( cue creeper's voice dropping 4 octaves and eyes locked dead on me) KISS!" By this point I was laughing so hard I was worried I might throw up. Oh goodness me. I hoped you enjoyed this story because I felt like it was just too memorable to leave unwritten.

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