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Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's time to do a little spring cleaning. Of my life that is. I believe that there is just some extra junk I've let build up that needs to be thrown away.

For starters my habits. I haven't been to my sociology class hardly at all this past month. Thankfully H.F. is merciful because I still passed with a 76%. Which is more impressive when you learn the class average was a whopping 33%. So I need to buck up and go to class and face my cop friend lol. I think I'm finally ready for this transition now that I am back on my A.D.D. medication.

I'm also going to do some cleansing with friends. I've spent basically every day with the same group of friends since my breakup with Brennan. For a long time they were just right for me. A lot of them still are great people and friends. But there are a few that have caused me more heartache than joy lately.
                        *Side note- don't trust when friends say that they wouldn't consider going anywhere near the person you have cared for since before they knew them. What they really mean is, "Don't worry I'm just plotting to take over your life and friends."
I do have some very good caring friends. I'm going to focus more time and effort on them and less in the junk areas. I've decided that space from some people is good.

I'm going to take more time for me and let myself grow and be happy because I deserve to. In the process I'm sure I will find even more meanwhile people to spend my time with :). 

Life is good, my window just needs to be washed.


  1. Chan, You are amazing. I Love you! You DO deserve to be happy, I'm always here for you :)

  2. this is quite a wonderful note! and made me really happy i needed to hear something like that i need some cleaning to do too! thanks chan.
    you can do anything.
    i love you booooooooooodooo. ha.
    hope for better days! and when their is more good days then bad..everything will work out always does.

  3. thanks guys :) The support is much appreciated. I'm glad that you enjoyed this Alex we can do it!