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Friday, April 8, 2011

The magic flute


Ever been to One?

I have!! of now :).

Utah State is cool like that. I got to go to an Opera written by Mozart for free just for being a student :-). It was called The Magic Flute or something really bizarre in Italian/German. The whole Opera was in German but subtitles do the trick. My favorite part would definitely have to be the random dancing puppets that "sing" along to the music. At the end of the song one ate the other I was very pleased. I tell ya I admire Operraters (people who sing opera) it takes a lot of endurance and skill to project to an entire audience for 3.5 hours with full magnitude. I got a little jealous.

So what did I learn from this experience?? The suicide rate during the time of the play could have been seriously reduced if cell phones had been invented. Two characters almost killed themselves ( and would have if they hadn't been stopped) due to lack of communication. Seriously one guy called out into the distance and waited two minutes and concluded she was gone forever. Seriously people get a back bone.

All in all I'm proud to say I am now a person who has been entertained in the musical styles of Mozart's Operetta's.

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