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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dating Zion: Review

A friend of mine, Kyle Oakeson, has a blog where he writes all sorts of relationship, dating, and marriage help. After reading some of his varying articles, I felt it would be best to write a bit about it.

The blog has so many different kinds of articles to answer questions you might have like: How do I act around my ex now that he's my "ex", or how can I make a lasting impression on someone, or why is marriage so important in the first place? All of these provide some good advice but not as much advice as you would get if you were to take his eight week course. He provides some really great coaching about how to make yourself the kind of person who is ready to enter into an everlasting relationship. I personally have not taken his course, but from what I hear it's some great stuff.

My favorite article that he wrote most definitely would have to be " Tricks for Having a Good Self-Esteem. He really goes deep and helps you realized where you go wrong that creates bad self-esteem, and how to create good. What I love more about it is that it is all centered around the gospel. You know he's onto something when he goes there. "We were all created equally therefore we all have the same potential." It's such a true statement that I really needed to hear. I encourage everyone to read that article no matter your self-esteem level because it has some really great insight we all could stand to hear, or hear again.
Dating zion- tricks to having a good self esteem

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