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Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 2: Three Fears

1. I'm afraid of divorce. I've already had the mistake of thinking someone was "the one" and being terribly wrong. I'm the kind of person who believes in love as if it is some fairytale thing and once you are married, it stays forever. I'm afraid of divorce, because it would be something I've never mentally prepared myself for.

2. I'm afraid of being infertile. I don't have any personal reasons to be, it's just that it's always been a dream of mine along with most women, to have children. I don't think very often about what if I can't have children, I consider it a given. I see women who can't, and my heart aches for them. I'm afraid of how much my heart would ache if I couldn't.

3. I'm afraid that I'll never succeed. I struggle very much with motivation. It's not that I'm depressed all the time and can't move, it's just that I have the hardest time seeing myself all the way through anything. I want to be a family therapist so badly. I'm afraid I'll never get the grades and acceptance in to programs to ever get to the place where I can finally help people.

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