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Friday, October 26, 2012

Written Paths

The more I try to be the author of my own fate, the more I realize that I'm merely an editor. I can make small adjustments, but the story has already been written. I keep thinking of things that I desperately want, and imagine I need. But I don't. There is one thing I will always need, and that's spiritual growth.

I can see myself missing small revelations the further I go into a path that I believe is mine to trod. And then It's a corn maze with a dead end. Why didn't I see this before? Is it because I didn't want to see it? If I had only picked up the map they handed out at the beginning, maybe I could have foreseen this. But there's no way to navigate through a corn maze with your eyes closed. Just like there is no way to stay on God's path if you refuse to listen, even when it's the silly simple things. They matter.

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  1. My goodness this was inspiring. I love your blog! I just found it this morning; quite randomly in fact. Keep up the amazing work :)