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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A glimpse into the future

So at the HOWL Halloween party tonight,
I had my tarot cards read for the first time.
I know, I know sketch.
But seriously though, it was cool.
Their are four cards, one for past, present, future, and personal life.

My past card was justice. But it was upside down meaning that I've
been dealing with something that has been done wrong to me that
I haven't been able to let go for some time ....hmmm.

My present was a king of some sort.
It represented a powerful male influence in my life
who had control over me and could help me in financial aspects.

My personal life card was the devil...oooo upside down.
Supposedly when he's upside down this means that there
is a problem, something plaguing me, but I already know
how to fix it, and will be able to.

My future card was judgement. Meaning that all of the
problems I've been facing will be lifted up and resolved.

Being applied all together, the male figure in my life will be able
to help me, and I will be able to relieve the problems I've been having
and have resolution.

This seems very vague and applicable to anything.
But to me, and the problem that I had focused on,
and the decision I was questioning whether to make,
it couldn't have been more specific. 

Oh and here's a picture taken from my web cam of me before leaving to the party

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