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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just an urge.

I've never been so glad to have the urge to pee.
But let's start from the beginning.
It all started with a friendly game of steal the flag fhe style. We split the teams by eye color. Blue/brown eyes on one team, green/hazel on the other. Well what I didn't catch is that some people were asked from my team(blue/brown) to go to the other to even out the field. So as I was guarding the jail a boy with blue eyes came over. He tricked me into thinking he was on my team but no worries I locked him up in jail soon enough. As I was trying to figure out his name and basic info, someone got freed from the jail. I instantly pointed at blue eyed traitor boy and said, "Don't talk to me!!" He teased back saying, "Yeah the reason those people were freed is cause she was lost mesmerized in my eyes." ..Ok they were kind of amazing but I was in my A-game so it wasn't the time to be getting lost.

I then proceeded to joke to all the jailers that they were admiring my one-dolla-shades (they really were a dollar and totally awesome). Traitor boy with his sense of humor said,"Yeah that's actually why I'm here." Good one. So I got bored and decided someone else could guard the jail.

So a second round of steal the flag was starting (my team won the first, of course). I realized by golly I needed to pee!! So I started asking people if they had driven so they could take me to the very near by church we had come from. No one was giving out any offers. So I sat down defeated and exclaimed "I guess no one will be gentleman enough to care." So this nice but girly sounding boy manned up and shouted, "let's get this girl to the bathroom!" He was going to walk me to a neighbors house when I saw traitor boy walking by and decided to ask him if he had driven here, he had. So I asked him if he'd take me to the church, he said yes.

We drove to the church was locked. So traitor boy decided to run around and see if any other doors were unlocked I did the same. After going around the whole building traitor boy appeared out of the front doors and said he'd gotten in through the kitchen doors. So we both peed. When I came out I saw him going through the gym doors. As I walked that way a man ( the only other person in the building besides me and traitor boy) said to me, "Are you looking for a boy in a blue shirt?' I was. So he pointed me to the gym doors. Not going to lie I was a little scared. The gym was dark and I didn't know if he was going to scare me. As I walked through I opened the door only to discover a closet which is very startling. I then opened the right door and followed the light to the kitchen door where traitor boy was trying to fix the lock. I watched him for a while cause he didn't see me and it was kind of funny to watch him struggle with the lock. I hid in the shadows deciding to scare him...but he was taking too long so I stood in the doorway again smirking hoping he'd turn around but he didn't. So I hid once again in the shadows and got bored and watched him struggle. Finally he turned around and asked how long I'd been standing there. I said long enough to watch him struggle hahahah. We walked out together, I told him of my scare with the closet and he laughed. He got all of the doors for me.

On our way back I discovered that he is an R.M. and graduated the same year as my now engaged ex. I asked him if he knew him and he said he knew of him but didn't really know him. I let out more than I expected when I said good. I explained that he was just past history but traitor boy did seem to care when I said so. We walked back and I said sorry to take you from the game even though you were a traitor and he said, "Well how do you know I wouldn't betray them and go to your team?" Valid point.

So we all played another game. I didn't really stick to him just flirted it up- oh yeah I forgot to mention up until this point I had flirted with every boy there I have a problem. Can I say my ward has some pretty serious eye candy? Yeah it's great. It wasn't until I realized I'd lost my one-dolla-shades that I ran over to Rob and traitor boy and told them I'd lost my shades. Traitor boy thought I'd left them in his car and he was right.

After getting them out of his car I half mindedly gave him a side hug which he turned into a real sincere hug and it felt like he was smelling my hair(not in a weird way). K that threw me off. I mean until this point I really had everything under control he was just the cute traitor boy I teased. But then I looked up at him and I felt sparks. dang it. Stupid sparks. So I then then thanked him, "Thanks for being a gentleman..well when you weren't being a traitor and stuff." He thanked me very confused and I told him to take it as a compliment. He said he would...I really had an urge to get another hug to see if that was a fluke. So I said, "Ok one more." And again started it as a half hug but man this kid is skilled in the hug department and I got butterflies. I really didn't expect this kid to get me like that. When we looked at each other I could tell we both realized that there was chemistry and didn't know what to do. So I said bye and went back to the crowd. You have no idea how much I wanted to ride away with him.

So I know it was a hug, big whoop, but I still can't stop thinking about that hug. I just felt so..connected to him. I really liked being alone with him it just came natural. I can see myself forming a good friendship/something more with him. Idk I feel weird cause I've decided not to single out one guy and so I'm not but I really want to be close to this guy. He seems so nice. What stinks is I don't see him till Sunday and what if I don't get the chance to sit by him it's such a big ward! I just want to hold on to those couple moments of closeness I felt because since the breakup it's been seldom that I've felt that. I just want to be alone with this kid again and get to know him. I want to tell him how much I enjoyed spending that little time with him and I want to do it again...but is that giving him the upper hand? Patience is a virtue..I have yet to learn.

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