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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's your birthday shout hooray!!

Well I had a weekend full of birthday parties. What a blast!!!

First Was my lovely friend Sadie. She turned 19 ( I accidentally wrote 20 on her card) !! She's an absolute sweetheart. When I'm with her I always have so much fun! We just goof and be ourselves. Anyways as if a party with Sadie wasn't already enough she had the great idea to invite Alex(traitor boy)! :). So Alex and I went to Sadie's party to find a display of goodies all over her table. She had smart cookie sugar cookies....*mouth water*..mmm, flour girl and dough boy cupcakes...*continue mouth water*, and other goodies. To say the least I was in heaven. Sadie needed a volleyball net and Alex had one so Alex and I went back to his house to grab it. While there I got to meet his parents and they were very nice, his Ma's a redhead like me!
     Back at Sadie's it was time for water balloon volleyball. It turned into a water balloon fight with towels added. Steve (Sadie's Bf) got me really good. Apparently hiding in Alex's lap isn't very good protection. Alex was nice and helped dry me off with a towel. Alex, I, and the rest of distracted group(who make me look like the most focused person ever, which if you know me is saying something), decided to try normal volleyball. That didn't work out so well either but Alex was definitely the best player out of the bunch; quite attractive. Alex and I made up our own game of push each other down the hill. It was really entertaining, especially since I had the high ground. :)
     After watching some Julian Smith videos, attempting "gestures" (no attention span I tell you), and opening presents, we ended the night with a dance in the street. Alex doesn't like to dance, but he still had fun and danced the best he could. I liked playing with all of the glow sticks and making stuff like hand cuffs, bow ties, etc on Alex. It was a fun night to say the least. Thanks Sadie!

The next night (Saturday, June 25th) I was originally supposed to go to the Manti Pageant with the ward, but that morning my cousin (also named Alex who I'll now refer to as Alexx) texted me and told me that she was having her b-day party that night; sayonara  Manti Pageant. Alexx then texted me and told me that I should bring Alex to the bonfire. Well Alex was going to a reception and thought I was gone at the pageant, but I thought, what the hay I'll call him anyways. Well He said he'd come! Alexx's friends were nice girls, but we just didn't have a lot in common. They all were super tight, rich, and popular. We went to Chile's for dinner just the girls. The dinner was fun but I was soooo relieved to see Alex when he came to drive me to the bonfire. He and I matched which was pretty cute.
    Alex and I were the first up the canyon so we stayed in his car and talked while we waited for everyone else. Once set up at the campsite I only really payed attention to Alex. Alexx and her friends were in their own little world and so was I lol. Alex has really really pretty blue eyes as I have mentioned before, but they're even bluer in the fire light. I couldn't stop looking at them. It was really nice being up in the mountains again looking at all of the stars. Alex knew some of the constellations and pointed them out to me; again, quite attractive.
   Back at my house he and I talked in his car. Probably my favorite moment was when I said how I thought my bangs were annoying and shook them and he leaned over and brushed them to the side and said he liked them just like that. I felt really pretty at that moment. It was a good talk and before he left he gave me the best hug yet! Talk about butterflies. If he'd let me I'd just hug him all day.

Well I'd just like to give another shout out to the girls of the weekend Alexx and Sadie! Happy birthday girls and thanks for thinking to invite my Alex it made for a very great weekend :-).  I can't wait for Alex to be home from Lake Powell. I'm hoping he'll invite me to do 4th of July with his fam but it might be too soon. I guess we'll see!!

Matching <3

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