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Thursday, June 16, 2011

He said tomorrow :)

So remember traitor boy?
I do.

I almost thought he was gone forever after he wasn't there for church or fhe and I especially didn't think that he would remember me or say hi.... I stand corrected.

Remember how institute is like the awesomest thing ever?
Yeah it still is. But for more than the obvious spiritual feasting reasons.
For the cute-not-so-traitor-boy-walks-in-and-the-first-thing-he-says-before-I-can-even-see-him-is-"Hi Chandice" reasons.

So deciding to embrace the awesomeness I walked with him. We decided to choose a class to go to together. It was a GREAT class good golly! I loved the lesson it was about Bednar's talk on Revelation and light.

So afterwards we talked to different ppl and friends and he took me home. The ride there I accidentally let more out about my past but again he was a great listener. He likes red hair he said so :). He said a lot of other things. He even opened up a little of his past for me. We talked in my driveway for like a half hour. Then we exchanged numbers. And he initiated the hug-good as always.

So we texted right after. And it was a very good conversation to say the least. At the end you know how most boys say talk to you later? Well he said talk to you tomorrow ! There was no reason for us to talk tomorrow aside from if we so desired so I guess we'll see if he still desires :).

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