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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Because of you.

After listening to a medley of songs I finally decided it was time to write my own song. I wanted to write a song about how it really felt to lose Brennan and how I have come so far since then. I wrote many stanzas and I couldn't give any up because they all said something profound to me. It felt so good to finally express my story instead of trying to live it through other songs (even though there are some really good ones). So I decided to share my stanzas, because I think that maybe you might like them too :).

Because of you, I am somebody who will be somebody somebody will love, because of the somebody I’ve become.

 It’s not so sad to say it’s over for us because I learned the hard way that love and trust have their seasons and for us it’s duck.

No pain is left in my chest and never a second of regret for all the smiles you left me with my dear.

If only I could thank you for the love you showed me and the times you told me, that I was the best decision you’d ever made. Now for me it’s different, you made a decision bigger and more important to me. You let me go on a cold bitter note but darling it’s the best decision you ever made.
From you I know how it feels to be the prettiest girl in the whole wide world and this world is pretty big. So if a girl can be pretty once then I know she can be pretty twice and I think the second time will be just as nice or more.

 It wasn’t fun to watch love run, but they say when one door closes another opens and when you left there was a draft from the window that had cracked.

Thanks to you Mr. Right isn’t fiction and so I’m smitten with the idea of who the real one will be.

Don’t forget me along the way cause Rascal Flatts had it right when they sang, “God Bless the Broken Road.”

"One's first love is always perfect until one meets one's second love."- Elizabeth Aston

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