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Monday, January 17, 2011

There's a First for everything....

So a week ago today, I thought I would try something kind of crazy: Go skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! It was a steal of a deal I couldn't pass up! 15$ for the pass and the ride up and back and 10$ for rentals it was a miracle I tell you hahah. So up we went to Beaver mountain. Getting the boots on and ski's proved to be slightly challenging it being me and all, but I got them on none the less. I was told that getting off the lift was the worst part, so in my mind the image that came was the lift pushing us right on to a gigantic hill where I plummet to my death. The lift actually wasn't that bad! The bad part was the HILL. First time down was probably hilarious to anyone but me. Steven Gould, Riley Harms, and Aaron Wilson tried to help me up as I kept falling. The problem was when I fell I seriously couldn't get up hahhaha. I ended up doing like the splits over Steven causing us both to be stuck. Thank goodness Aaron didn't leave me because everyone else gave up on me before I even made it half way down the hill haha. After that I started to slowly get better control over myself. I still crashed many times, but they happened less frequently. Aaron helped me learn to weave wide so that I wasn't taking on the mountain straight on; it solved a lot of problems. One time as we were getting off the lift, the belt loop of my pants got caught on the lift and started pulling it up with me!!! I was so scared I was screaming up a storm finally my pants ripped and I fell off. I guess Aaron was right: the worst part is getting off the lift haha. On the way home I caught some hypothermia. I had skied in jeans and all of the snow that had covered them was now melted into my pants. I started shaking violently. After that I remember about six guys coats covering me and being too weak to sit up. Walking home was terrible. I was shaking and huffing and puffing and trying my best to just keep moving forward. Thank you Nate, J.T., Tom and Aaron for bringing me home. Once there I just collapsed on the ground shaking. The rest was a blur of blankets and dry clothes. Thank goodness my roomate was home for once (soon to be not roomate :[ ) so she and Kristen could help. The boys were kind enough to wait outside to see if I was alright. I asked for a blessing and was blessed to receive one from Kevin and Steve Bratt. I felt more warm and safe when they were there, especially when Steve had me propped up against him to help me drink ( body warmth). Well that about sums up that night. Next morning I had to go to my 9 am class which has 100% required attendance. Too bad the teacher was 25 minutes late to a 50 minute class!

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