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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HOT tub!

Living in Logan, better known as Antartica, craving a nice dip in a hot tub is a no brainer. The other day I mentioned to my wonderful friend Abbie Starkey( who I love dearly) that I want to go to one soo bad! The next day she finds me with her bf and says we can use his apartment facilities' hot tub any time we want, yay!! So yesterday after a nice workout with Cambri and some chow, Abbie and I plan to go!! We invite Aaron and Steve but of course Aaron says video games are more important but he'll give me a ride. He later hinted after me saying I didn't care he went and then taking it back that not knowing the place and possibly not owning shorts was more the reason for his rejection to our offer. Posh. The tub wasn't sublime. It's temperature was slightly lacking the awesome range, but still great. I heard some interesting conversations from the other peeps in the tub. One guy with a nice fro lost my respect by bragging about having been engaged 3 times (he was 21) and he himself calling all 3 off because he knew there were so many girls out there who wanted him. Wooowweee. If he wasn't attractive to me before (which he wasn't) then he definitely wasn't now. Mmm nothing soothes the aching muscles like a nice soak. My body felt great. I wonder if my lack of soreness today and Cambri's extreme soreness is somewhat correlated to the fact that I soaked and she didn't haha. Either way stinks to be her :/. Kudos to Aaron for picking Abbie and I up after already dropping us off. He sure is a great friend. Well usually. Mostly. Ah nevermind that subject in my head haha.

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