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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show me the True Blooded Aggie

There's nothing like a Utah State game in the Spectrum to make you feel such intense school spirit and unity. Getting to sit next to Aaron and listen to him get mad at poor calls, have the boys tease that it should have been him and I on the kiss camera, laughing with Jessica Megli, getting to hold Big Blue as he crowd surfed, cheering till my voice cracks, and feeling the excitement of a Utah State victory sums up the experience. It's so great to spend a night with good friends and good company. Last night I went to a cowboy themed dance and had so much fun.  During the dance everyone joined in one large circle and danced together unified. We pounded on the ground, swayed, moshed, moved forward, backward, it was so awesome and such a blast. Learning some swing steps with Aaron was a triple blast...:) :). I know that it's no secret I like him so I think it's fine to write about it. Even though we were only holding hands dancing...I couldn't help but love it. Him being playful and spinning me everywhere...just made me smile. What else made me smile? When I asked him if he was sad that he didn't get to sit by the boys at the game he said of course they're my brothers, I looked away sadly, and then he said but I'm happy I get to sit next to you! It's funny how the littlest things mean soo much to me.

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