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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like it's Quidditch

A weekend and couple days worth constitutes some more good quality college fun. Over the weekend I spent a lot of time with my friend Abbie Starkey. We had a great girls night of nails, donuts, chick flicks, relatable songs, and boy stories. I also attempted to learn self-defense which just resulted in bruises on my wrists and pathetic laughter. Monday was a holiday which meant: NO SCHOOL!!!! haha love love love. After a day of hanging with the girls, I headed to FHE quidditch style. I ran around as a chaser with my only attempt to score aimed into the basketball hoop ( the goal I should have shot at was on the wall behind the hoop). What ends a great night like that? I'll tell you : TANGLED "Oh yeah!"It was a great time that movie makes me smile every time. I've seen it twice now. Next night we went over to Jessica Megli's house for some homemade sweet&sour chicken!! mmmmm :). After some awesome food we played twister which had no real victor. We hit it up like it's Quidditch

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