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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm sure all you girls out there know how great it feels to receive a letter. Whether or not you are romantically interested in the person it just feels great! I don't know what it is about walking to the mailbox and receiving an envelope with your name from an "Elder" haha :).

I'm writing one of my friends I've known for years. We met during registration at efy the summer before my Junior year of high school. I saw him pacing back and forth and thought to myself I want to meet him. He was absolutely gorgeous and very much shy. We talked the rest of registration until we got split up to go into our families/ companies. It just so happened that he was in my company!! The rest of the week was so much fun.

He's from Riverton, but we kept in touch throughout that summer. We went to my school's girl choice preference dance that November. Throughout the years following we kept in touch going on dates and doing fun activities together. When my friends bailed on helping host my 18th b-day party, he was down in a flash to save the day!

It's so fun hearing from him and seeing how much he's grown. What a great friend :).

Last day of efy

My house before the Preference dance

My co host and I at my 18th b-day

His buddies

"Giselle and Robert" Capellie look alike competetion

He and Grae both came to see me opening night of Wizard of Oz

Char, his cousin, him and I goofing off at his farewell

Till next time :).

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