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Monday, July 25, 2011

holy cow!

Well I've had quite the week!! Two days in particular have been jam packed with awesomeness.
Thursday: Alex and I had a fun time chilling in the park and just having fun our own way but the real party didn't start until we added to my sister's fun. She, Jessi, Cody, Alex, and I had an epic paint fight in the park. After that (being like 12 by this point) we went to Denny's with a side of some adult entertainment from the waiter I could have really done without Then the best part of all? 1:30 dip in the lake :).  The water was warrmm. :) There were no clouds insight. What a liberating and peaceful time.

So Saturday. It started out with a hike to Silver lake with a couple of my friends from the ward. It was 6 miles round trip and surprisingly harder on me than it should have been. I think the biggest factor was the heat. Jesse was nice enough to carry Rachel and I across the river part. The lake itself was freezing, and I don't mind cold water, but that was cold!

After the hike I headed to Provo for some ice blocking! The hill at the park we went to was soo steep! After a hike that hill + the grueling heat was quite a knock out combination. After hiking we all went back to the Branbury for some swimming! I tried to teach my friend Archie how to float but without success. We met a guy in the hot tub from Belgium. He was friendly (and later asked me on a date on facebook haha). By the end of swimming I had found my ride home to American Fork. Archie was going to leave later that night to visit his best friend up in Taylorsville, and said he'd drop me off on the way.

A couple hours of hanging out later Archie and I departed. We ate at Inn and Out burger in American Fork where he payed for the meal. I thought we would finish our food fast and he would drop me off (because he was still supposed to drive to Taylorsville). An hour of sitting in his car talking goes by (it's now about 12:30 am) and we drive to not my house but the park by my house. At this point he decided not to visit his best friend :).

We swung for a while, dodged sprinklers (except for the ones he directly sprays me with), and walked on the railroad tracks to Walmart so that he could pee. Archie is from Chile, and on our walk back, he told me the crazy and miraculous story of why and how they came to America when he was a small boy.

He didn't have any blankets in his car, but he did have a towel, so we used that to lay on as we talked for a long while. The grass was very wet so finally we moved our camp to the top of the playground. Up there we played truth or dare (clean I promise) and two truths and a lie. He attempted to keep my hands warm but finally we both were to cold and had to go back to his car. Our adventure didn't end until 5:30 in the morning! And that was because my mom called concerned.

I love spontaneity, and those were two of my most favorite spontaneous nights I've had in a long time!
I love summer :).

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