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Monday, July 18, 2011

17 hours.

Saturday, July 16th 2011
9:30 am: Jesse picks me up to go to David's.
9:45: Jesse and I fill up water balloons.
10:30: We head up Provo canyon.
11:00: Arrive in the park.
11:30: Let the water fights commence.
1:30 pm: Break for food.
2:30: Sun bathe.
3:00: Arrive in American Fork.
3:10: Grab my suit.
3:20: Tour Jesse's house.
3:30: Swim at the clubhouse.
4:00: Jesse and I are the chicken fight champs!
6:30: Rinse off and change.
6:40: Remind Jesse to grab the movies.
7:00 Arrive at David's house.
7:05 Share chair/couchy thing with Jesse.
7:40 Watch life as we know it(still comfortably sharing the chair).
9:30: Victim of a tickle fight via Jesse.
10:30: Midnight bowling!
12:00 am: Ice cream and dance party at David's house.
2:30 am: Arrive home.

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