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Friday, March 4, 2011

When at first you don't succeed... ski, ski again.

Well you probably read about my first skiing experience..pretty scary. Well this time I feel that it was a success! At first I was so terrified i didn't think that I could do it I was too scared...but I did. I found my great friend Parker who is one of the nicest guys ever to help me warm myself up to the slope. At first I had to take really wide and slow turns. Thankfully he was there. After a while I caught on and could handle it by myself.
     After a while of skiing I realized that a complete empty stomach wouldn't cut it. So I made my way up to the lodge. I grabbed some chili and started away on it. After a while of feeling thirsty I talked Aaron into getting me a water bottle in the lodge...accomplishment? haha. I got the talk from the boys after "stealing" Steve's roll that you don't touch a guys food. Oh well haha. After some chit chat and fun in the lodge I headed out with Aaron up the slope. We were a pretty good match to ski/snowboard with because it was my second time skiing and his first boarding. I actually beat him down the hill a couple times!! Pretty cool I know :).  After skiing Parker and I talked for awhile about different things. It was really nice to talk to him. Honestly like I said he is such a genuinely nice guy it's so calming to be around him. All in all I really enjoyed myself in spite of what I might have first guessed.

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