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Monday, March 21, 2011


Someday I'll be able to get over him.
Someday I'll finally be over Brennan too.
Someday I'll remember that I like myself just the way I am.
Someday I'll know I'm loved without having to see it.
Someday Heavenly Father will not have to keep putting me through these silly affection/self esteem trials because I'll finally learn what he's been trying to teach me.
Someday I'll find people who actually want to room with me not just suggest it then find better people.
Someday I will learn how to stay motivated and happy all at once.
Someday I'll go to Europe.
Someday I'll actually put myself on a normal sleeping schedule (maybe).
Someday I'll learn how to live every day like it's my last.
Someday I'll figure out who I am exactly.
Someday I'll stop thinking about him and be happy about it.
Someday I'll find a true best friend.
Someday I'll marry that best friend.
Someday I'll be in a place where I don't wish I had someone to tell me I'm special every day and hold me tight, because it will be a reality.
Someday I'll be the best wife I can possibly be.
Some sooner day I'll be secure with who I am and where I'm going and be completely independent.  Someday I'll be a kick butt mom and an even greater so grandmother.
Someday I'll get to return to live with my father in heaven. SOMEDAY :).