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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My thoughts during the closing ceremonies

- Pet Shop Boys: Their choice of attire scares me. Between the pointy hats, scaly black outfits, and chariots, I felt like I was seeing a terrible combination of the hunger games and the klu klux klan.

-One direction is British?

- John Lennon <3

- The Salt Lake closing ceremony had so much more of a moral message. "Let Your Light Shine"


-Russel Brand, I wonder if Katy Perry is watching.

- Octopus?

- Tell me you didn't just ruin a Bee Gees classic with a featured rap.

-SPICE GIRLS!!!!!!! "If you wanna be my lover" I'm so happppyyyyy.
Wait is that the only Spice Girls song I remember? Oh well that was fun.

-Monty Python is pure joy
     -Nuns on skates flashing their British Drawers aren't bad either.

- How long is the crowd going to repeat everything the Spanish chicken says?

- Brazil knows how to entertain. Not to mention I'd love to take lessons from their soprano superstar.

-Goodbye Olympic torch. I'll miss the Olympics.

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