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Monday, July 16, 2012

Forever touched.

Yesterday I taught the lesson in relief society.
I was needless to say nervous.
There are so many older girls (there's about 50 girls in the class)
who have been on missions, or a actual teachers, etc. who are
more qualified to be teaching than me.

But when a girl came up to me after crying,
telling me how much she truly loved the lesson,
and how I am one of the best  relief society teachers
of all time, how she said it was meant to be that I had
this calling,

I can't describe the warmth that filled my heart.
The lesson was how to effectively share the Gospel.
What I mostly focussed on, was truly loving others.
 It is so important to sincerely care about the needs
and fears of others, and then find a way to reach out
and help.

When she gave me praise for my lesson,
she reached our her hand and touched my heart.

Go find someone who could use an uplift,
and find out how much you will feel lifted up.

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