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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A day of adventure.

Well let's start out with The Amazing Spiderman shall we??
Can you say dreeeamy?
I know I can.
I enjoyed seeing it with my lovely old friend from freshman year,
Kristin Groner.
She's a doll, so for any of you that attend BYU,
seek her out for a long lasting
non-superficial friendship.

 Oh one more thing about Mr. Spidey,
My heart is never prepared.

The next thing on my list was to
go visit a boy
and work on my car!!

I'll tell you what really made me feel special.
When he had seven dollars to his name
and five of it was spent on my soup at
Chile's where he didn't eat anything.
The other two was spent for our
admission to the junkyard.
What a gent.

After visiting this boy,
It was off to go play with Sadie!!

Now originally the plan
was to go to the Joshua Radin concert.
But things fell through.

It's ok though because when Sadie and I get
together, it's always fun and laughs no matter
what we are doing.

We bought some cute paper to work on our
"vintage friend photo albums"
Adorable right?
I thought so.

I even had time that night to watch
one of my abc family shows.

Now that's an adventure if I've ever heard of one.

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