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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yep I'm back at the old Utah State University.
So far I'm liking this year a whole lot.
I like my apartment and have had some great social experiences amongst my first weeks.
I even got my first date of the season!! Yep. Kind of a cool story I think I'll share the overview with you :).

I met him in line at the Institute dance (all dressed up in my 80's outfit).
He got my number.
We sang karaoke.
We danced.
We watched people lose it on the dance floor (seriously I'm pretty sure this one couple would have consummated a baby had they not had clothes protecting them).
He texted me.
He called.
We planned our first date.
He texted me every day all day in between.
We went on our 12 1/2 hour date.
We played the piano and sang for hours.
I met is family.
I went  on my first motorcycle ride with his dad (also a business professor here).
We walked and talked.
We doubled up to watch Harry Potter and eat.
We fought over a pillow.
We finished my astronomy assignment picking out constellations.
He came to the football game with me and my friends.
Now he still texts me everyday.
We plan on going on a second date.
I'll eat lunch with him tomorrow.
He's shy and very slow with relationships.
So we are friends.
But friends are good :).

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