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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The errand of Angels.

So last weekend was a mix of pain, drama, and absolute fun. For one thing, I got a quite splendid letter from we know who that had one specific quite splendid line, " Just wait till I take you back here to the Adirondacks(NY mountains)." He wants to take me back! So speaking of the newest boy who took me on that long date? I ended that this weekend. As you saw from my last post I had drama with Abbie, but we've resolved it.

During all this I just so happened to receive a package..:). From an anonymous wonderful girl. She sent me a survival package as part of a pen pal assignment one of our blogger friends created. It included quotes, a book, and other great things to make a girl feel great. She seriously has touched my life in ways I never knew a person I've never met could. We still are friends keeping in contact sharing stories and just keeping our heads above the water. Sometimes, I just really can't get over how much I love my heavenly father.

Cute nail polish to make me feel cute


More quotes!  

Ps. Notice my new smaller than normal eyebrows.

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  1. obviously, i love this post! it means a lot to me :) thanks chandice!