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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Smelling the roses

Today at work, things started out rough for me.
I had this lady in the drive through upset at me.
She was asking a lot of pointed questions, and my
A.D.D. was getting in the way.
I was trying so hard to work with her,
but I'd start stuttering and losing moments
in time and she was just upset.
She asked me for my name.
I looked up forgetting where I
was and muttered the worst response,
She was even more upset, and I had to give my name.
I really didn't want my bosses to have complaints about me.

I started feeling really upset inside,
I felt bitter and defeated.
I lost track of the big picture until...

My friend walked in
and pointed out something,
a mini miracle.

Rainbow, or a rainband
It was just a strip of
Color in the sky that
happened to be viewable
from the small window view
from inside the store.
It hadn't even rained.

This mini miracle was a comfort
from God reminding me
that he's here with me;
every step of the way.



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