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Friday, March 2, 2012


I want to start a grateful journal.
Why you may ask?
To brag?
To lift up my self-esteem?
Maybe a little.
But really I want to start one,
So I can be humbled.

I'm a worry-wart.
Any worry wart knows
that so many great things can happen,
but the second something bad happens,
It consumes us.

I want to remember the butterfly landing on my hand.
The messages written on my wall.
The kind deeds done by my ward.
The blessing heavenly father has sent me.

I need to expect more of myself.
In order to do this I need to be in
the right mind frame. So I'm going to start.

I may write here, or in my personal journal
it's TBD.
Enjoy, and feel free to try it yourself.

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