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Saturday, August 13, 2011


So in case you missed my absence, I've been in a place I love more than any other: 
The Oregon/Washington coast.
It's absolutely gorgeous. 
I find it a source of Therapy. 
We started out our journey in New Port Beach, Oregon

It was a little windy but breathtaking as you can see. 

After that we continued up the coast and hit up multiple Oregon beaches.

  As you can see Oregon's beaches are characterized by their beautiful rock formations. 
This last one is my favorite:
Haystack rock at Cannon beach.
You can walk up close and see tide-pools.

We stopped in Seaside Oregon where there was a store with the name....
        Seaside has a very cool beach with swingsets
and eve a life guard on duty!

After a thrilling adventure we made our way
to my birthstate Washington.
Char and I with uncle Steve at the Port Angeles pier

Can't go to Sequim without a Frugal Burger, or in my case, a halibut burger.

Hurricane Ridge: this picture does it no justice.

Picked up some Canadian hhitchhikers on the way back, pretty cool eh?

Had dinner with our very tall cousins.

Day 2 in Washington, Uncle Steve decided to take us to
Sol Duc Hot Springs (which smells like eggs)!!
After that we visited with an old friend of my Dad's
and then off to Charlie and Bozena's for dinner.
Their 4 year old lily was absolutely adorable.
She was shy at first,
but after about 3 minutes,
she was absolutely attatched to me.
She wouldn't let go of me (so cute)
and her mom had to coax her off of my lap
for dinner.
When it was time to leave
Lily was very sad. 
Her mother had the idea
to give me a present to remember her.
I had mentioned that my favorite book
as a kid was
Goodnight Moon.
She remembered and gave it to me :).

The only time you will see a stop light in the mountains.

You caught me, I'm a tree hugger.
Her face is my favorite.
Hot springs!!

 Lily in the middle :).
 She wouldn't let go of my legs begging me to stay.
What a fun family.
Who doesn't stop to get a picture next to a septic tank?

Yep you see right. There's a whole store dedicated to Twilight memorabilia in Port Angeles. 
Love my Grandpa.
My favorite swing. If you look close you'll see the remnants of a jump rope I left there when I was five. My grandpa kept it :).
 The beach property on the Straits.
Grandpa trying to catch some smelt.
 Gotta love my Granpa's sweater and welly's.

The next day we were off on our journey home; starting with a day trip to Seattle!

 Char and I on the ferry.

I saw this ship and zoomed in to see sailor men in the full on uniform! I wanted to meet them sooo bad.
Pike place market!
If you were thinking that these men look like Russian sailors you would be correct :).
They gave me a magnet as a gift and invited us to their ship the next day; if only I could have convinced my mom.
Yep I met the sailors that I had previously seen from afar longingly by chance.
We had to get one more picture of the ship those fine young men sailed on.
Well that about sums up my experience.
Quite an adventure.
It was so nice to see family.
I just wish we had had more time,
but that leaves more things to do next year :).

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